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This is the regular blog of author P.L. Gaus, consisting of observations and essays about Amish life and culture in Holmes County, Ohio. To follow Paul's blog by email, enter an address in the field above. Also, visit Paul's website (linked below), and read The Amish-Country Mysteries, published by Plume, a Division of Penguin Group USA. All text and images copyright Paul L. Gaus - all rights reserved.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Photos From Ohio's Amish Country: Summer-19

In Holmes County, it is the time of year when the wheat is harvested.  Here the mower stands idle while the family stacks the wheat in shocks.  It is slow and quiet work, and everyone helps with the task, even the youngest and the oldest of the families.  This is a particularly large field, and the job will take several days.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Photos From Ohio's Amish Country: Summer-18

Sometimes Amish women work the fields.  Here is one baling hay.  Notice that the wheels of the baler are made of plain steel.  That's an indication of a more conservative Amish practice.  But also notice that she is not taking up the hay with a hand rake and a flat wagon.  That would be the strictest, oldest order practice.