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This is the regular blog of author P.L. Gaus, consisting of observations and essays about Amish life and culture in Holmes County, Ohio. To follow Paul's blog by email, enter an address in the field above. Also, visit Paul's website (linked below), and read The Amish-Country Mysteries, published by Plume, a Division of Penguin Group USA. All text and images copyright Paul L. Gaus - all rights reserved.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Photos From Ohio's Amish Country: Spring-26

This Amish parochial school has everything one needs: a belfry with an iron bell to call the kids, outhouses for both boys and girls, and most importantly - a softball diamond.  Softball is very important at schools like this one, and lately the kids have been out playing ball every day at recess.  This school also has a bonus mudroom at the front, and a second story to the structure.  Most parochial schoolhouses in Holmes County have only the one classroom.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Photos From Ohio's Amish Country: Spring-25

The hitching rail here at this market is nearly full with horses and buggies.  It seems that a lot of Amish people chose this day to shop.  The bulk and health food stores are popular in Holmes County, Ohio, and they are always a good place to see a great variety of Amish and Mennonite people.