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This is the regular blog of author P.L. Gaus, consisting of observations and essays about Amish life and culture in Holmes County, Ohio. To follow Paul's blog by email, enter an address in the field above. Also, visit Paul's website (linked below), and read The Amish-Country Mysteries, published by Plume, a Division of Penguin Group USA. All text and images copyright Paul L. Gaus - all rights reserved.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Photos From Ohio's Amish Country: Spring-36

Because of tourism, Holmes County is peppered with signs for commerce of all imaginable varieties.  Among tourists, it is the furniture stores that seem to be most popular, restaurants and basket shops aside.  And among the furniture stores, I appreciate the ones like Raber's here, where an Amish family makes its own furniture on site.  These are better than the stores with large show rooms and even larger parking lots.  Raber's little carpenter's shop is located in Maysville, Ohio.  You can't call them, because they don't have a phone.  But if you stop by, they'll show you what types of desks they have in stock, and if you take the time, they'll draw up plans for any type of custom office furniture that you might need.  I'm having my new writing desk made there, and although it will take a long time to make it, I know it will be a custom-designed, hand-made Amish work of art.  I can't think of anything more appropriate for inspiring my next Amish-Country Mystery.  I think I'll send Professor Branden there to order a custom writing desk for his office at Millersburg College.


Starla Tohline said...

Can't wait to read the next book.

Melissa L. said...

I think sending the Professor there would be just the thing!!